Amazing Selling Machine 12 Review (2020): Scam or Still Worth it?

Investing in a course like Amazing selling machine is undoubtedly the best decision ever. It gives exposure to the FBA community and makes the significant steps of FBA business completely understandable.

Now if we discuss the investment, yes it is quite expensive. You have to spend bucks on its software and the inventory. But let me assure you one thing the sum of this investment is all worth it.

It is capable of taking the Amazon FBA business to about 7 figures. Since I have invested in Amazing selling machine my business has managed to reach 6 figures now. This wouldn’t have been possible without it.

I have been using this selling machine for about good two years now. This article will cover all the important things you might want to learn about ASM and its toolset.

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine

This article will surely provide all the necessary information about this course after which you don’t have to rush for more articles across the web. Make sure you have access to an updated website. The ASM 11 course is obsolete and no longer valid now.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

Before investing a huge amount in this course you should know what exactly is ASM. It is an Amazon training course. This course is strategically designed to enhance your FBA business experience.

The duration of this course is about 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks, you are trained fully to run your own e-commerce business on Amazon. Furthermore, you will receive calls from different coaches and people from the extensive Amazon community.

Primarily this course is started for beginners who have no experience of running a business on Amazon or other e-commerce websites. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with all the tricks and tips to excel and run your store.

The whole process of learning includes multiple steps. The trainers instead of overloading you with information will divide the process into simple steps. You will learn several important things throughout the course including:

  • The research and product selection process.
  • How to order inventory and evaluating suppliers.
  • Tips to build your brand and making a private label from the beginning.
  • Listing on Amazon.
  • How to launch your products.
  • The driving of traffic and essentials to market your product.
  • Run a seven-digit business or more.

Not only beginners but many others already operating on Amazon prefer ASM to bring their business up to six or even seven digits. This has helped many professionals but the success is not guaranteed.

If you think just buying this course will increase your sales you might be wrong. This is surely helpful but again your investment and hard work count too.

Who is behind the course?

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark together back in 2012 brought forward this course. These two founders are successfully running gigantic businesses on Amazon.

Two coaches that I loved getting taught by are Rich Henderson and Mike McClary. They make everything so simple and easy for beginners. You won’t face any problem and will grasp important knowledge from them even if you are a newbie.

It is said that Matt got an offer from Harvard which he later refused just to continue his e-commerce business. This shows his dedication and commitment to his work. No wonder how he is so successful today.

How does it work and what’s included in the Amazing Selling Machine?

The ASM is a whole package that consists of an eight-week course, an ASM mentorship program, the ASM’s private community, and the private resource vault. All these components are discussed in-depth below:


The 8-Week Course

This 8 week time period is an approximation given for the completion of this course. You may complete the course in less than eight weeks’ time span if you are more dedicated and willing to learn quickly.

More than a hundred videos are included in this course. Don’t worry all of them are quite interesting and easy to understand. The terms used a not complex and everything is made simple.

Mike, Rich, and Dan are amazing learned instructors. They make sure everything is clear to anyone taking this course by staying as relevant as possible. Their dedication towards their work inspired me the most.


The ASM Mentorship Program

The mentorship program of ASM is a total win-win for anyone opting for this course. This program brings great successful owners of seven-plus digits on Amazon.

These mentors have great experience and they try to help you through every step of the course. They give you advice according to their personal experience and learning of the practical world.

Several times people will try to misguide you so that they don’t have more competition in the e-commerce market. These mentors however will give the most reliable and sincere advice to newcomers.

Everything they say or every piece of information they provide you with is backed up by some proof. They have evidence for their sales figures and successful operations.

You can ask them any question and they will resolve all your queries. They are always available for help and you can get your workings cross-checked by professionals before diving into the market.


The Amazing Selling Machine Private Community

The Private community associated with ASM is a whole new exciting experience. The major advantage is that all your problems can be solved in the blink of an eye. People of this private community are very helpful and kind.

Other than solving personal problems you might take part in different fun competitions. Badges are distributed as a result of these competitions. People love to earn these badges and share their accomplishments with others.

This community system is very motivating and instills an interest in learning more and more into the person. This provides healthy competition and adds to one’s knowledge.


The Private Resource Vault

The private resource vault is the storage of all valuable resources which the successful businessman and founders have used themselves.

This vault contains everything from templates to contacts of different service providers.

What’s more exciting is it also has some amazing deals and discounts which people might avail to flourish their business. It is simply great how you can easily use the same tools and resources as the founders and get surprising results.

Amazing Selling Machine Review and My Personal Journey

I started with e-commerce business quite some time ago. The return I got was good but not enough to survive in the virtual market. That is when I explored new markets and decided to learn more about Amazon.

Many people today are earning thousands of dollars daily by running their business on Amazon. This is why exposure to Amazon is important and highly beneficial.

So how did I get started and break the six-figure benchmark?

I started my store at Amazon directly as a beginner. I did not have any prior knowledge or expertise. After getting into the business I read a lot of ASM Review and this how I get to know about ASM.

As soon as I started learning from this course I got a better understanding of all the technicalities. I realized it was my biggest mistake to neglect ASM at the start of my FBA business.

Despite the fact I already had a store it helped me figure out my major loopholes and poor practices. Soon I was able to rectify my mistakes and get track of everything with amazing advice and sincere tips for growth.

The strategies taught in the course were so on point and very practical. This is how I managed to go straight up to a six-figure market. The whole journey demanded extreme dedication and lots and lots of hard work.

What made me purchase the course?

I was interested in doing a training course for a long time for a better understanding of Amazon and e-commerce. But every time I intend to buy a course I thought to myself that is it worth it.

After thorough research and hundreds of recommendations, I finally decided to purchase ASM. Now I can undoubtedly say that I am glad I made this purchase. It helped me grow and understand the operations of e-commerce properly.

A Full Breakdown of the Amazon Selling Machine 12 (updated)

One of the best things about ASM is the founders continuously strive to make it better. Upgrades are bought in ASM after a certain period. The latest version of ASM id ASM 12.

The information regarding e-commerce and the backhand performance alters quickly and becomes obsolete. However, keeping the course up to date is extremely important.

As compared to ASM 11 this latest version has about 60% of whole new information and content. It has all the new tricks and tips to ace the market. Not a part of this course is useless or vague.

ASM 12 contains all the new features, tools, and necessary resources. This is why the founders Jason and Matt have gained much popularity and fame in the e-commerce business.

Some of the new features that are recently added in Amazing selling machine are:

  • A private sourcing agent: E-commerce businesses involve a lot of scamming and frauds. A private negotiator will bargain in place of you and save you from online scams.
  • Lead Gen Google Chrome extension: This is a whole new feature added in ASM 12. It is a smart tool that helps you find a good product with high potential. This also searches for products with low levels of competition.
  • Free lifetime upgrades: This feature particularly lets the person benefit from every upgrade in ASM now and in the future too.
  • Coaching Calls: Now the coaches offer additional coaching by answering your queries on personal calls.
  • Dan Ashburn’s launch strategies: Dan is famous for earning around 12 million from sales. ASM 12 gives you access to all of his launch strategies so that you can have inspiration from them.
  • Amazon branding tool suite: ASM 12 gives you the most flexible and accessible tools to create your labels for personal branding.


Let me walk you through each module of amazing selling machine 12

Welcome Module

This is the very first module people might skip this module. I would advise not to skip it as it is the introduction of the whole course. It will give you a better idea of what this course is about and what are the key objectives.

Module 1

Finding the perfect Product

This module is very important since the primary objective is to have a suitable potential product to sell. You should dedicate most of your time searching for a product that you can sell.

This module will help you look for a perfect product. Terms like ASM selection criteria, patent searching, and effective products will be made clear. By the end of this module, you will have a clear idea about the perfect product.

Module 2

Evaluating suppliers and Samples

This module will not only help you calculate profit margins but will give you an idea about genuine suppliers. This can be a hassle to find actual suppliers and not scammers. Suppliers should be trustworthy and trustable.

Module 2 will surely help you evaluate good suppliers and ordering samples. Honestly, this will make your life a hundred times easier.

Module 3

Ordering Inventory and creating your brand

This module particularly will help you create your brand and will finally give you tricks to order inventory. This will also include:

  • Product evaluation.
  • Ordering product.
  • Creating a brand.
  • How to design packaging for the product.
  • Correct methods of ordering inventory.
  • How to create an effective listing.
Module 4

Building your brand asset

This module will make you aware of all the branding strategies. You will be equipped with the knowledge of marketing your product, getting reviews, and advertising on social media. Tips for getting potential subscribers are also given.

This is a very interesting module which comprises of many expert sessions and their experiences.



Module 5

Perfect product page

This module is way more important than what you think of it. It will help you develop an interesting product page that works perfectly. By the end of this module, you will know all the technicalities and problems concerning SEO.

This will also help you develop eye-catching images and profiles. Furthermore, you will have an idea of perfect product descriptions. This module helped me the most to get a perfect listing.

Module 6

The Perfect Product Launch

Module number six indicates the importance and significance of the proper launching of your product. This is a whole process that includes different steps. First, you have to plan properly then you have to optimize ideas then recheck whether you’re on the right track and after that, you have to launch.

Your campaign should be designed perfectly and it should have a proper structure. The correct prices should be assigned to the product. Once you are confident about your product only then you should think of launching it.

Module 7

Advanced traffic and marketing tools

Advanced traffic and marketing tools are solely responsible for making your store stand out. It includes promotional techniques, optimization of advertisements on Amazon, building out a great team, and much more.

This module is very important and if you don’t have a proper understanding of traffic and marketing tools you can get into trouble. It is extremely necessary to have a firm knowledge about this module.

Module 8

Taking your business to the next level

This module indicates the importance of digital and social media marketing. People nowadays are highly influenced by the screen and touchpoints in front of them.

The major role of apps like Instagram, Youtube, Email handles, Facebook, and Google will be discussed in detail. This module will let you know how you can effectively advertise on Social media and take your business to the next level.


Extra Features You Should Know About ASM

The ASM Dashboard

This dashboard never fails to amaze the users of ASM. It is perfectly designed. There is no clutter or messed up haphazard icons. It is extremely simple to navigate. The best thing is the whole journey is designed like a game.

After every step, you are provided with different badges. It also helps you track your progress through a smart road map. You can also celebrate your achievements in ASM.

The Amazing Profit Miner

This is an incredibly useful chrome extension. It is capable of bringing all the information about a particular product in front. The information may include product category, approximate sales volume, and sales revenue.

It also gives all the product reviews of previous users. What’s more amazing is that you do not have to pay a single penny additionally to use this. Once you have paid for the course this feature can be used for free.

ASM 12 Price

How Much Does the Amazing Selling Machine Cost/Price?

The Amazing selling machine is not just a training course but a whole package. The package includes one main course with more than 100 videos. Additionally, you have access to the mentorship program, private community of ASM, coaching calls of experts, and vault.

When we talk about its cost any interested buyer has two options. Either to pay fully or he can choose to pay in installments. If you intend to pay fully it will cost you around $4997.

On the other hand, you also have the option to pay 6 installments of $997 each. Now it purely depends upon your ease and preference. If however you still have doubts about it I would like you to tell them they offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. 

ASM Foundation Program (60% OFF)

you can also save $3000 (60%) by enrolling in a ASM Foundation program which will allow you to use all their 50+ hours training to get you started in low cost.


Guarantee # 1: The ASM Money Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee for 30 days: Another great offering to customers is their money-back guarantee. They guarantee you to pay back the full amount if for some reason you are unsatisfied with ASM. Also, your request will be processed in as short as 3 days time period.

Guarantee # 2: 6 Months success promise

ASM value their customers because of which they offer a 6-month success promise. According to this promise if a person launches a product within 6 months after the completion of the course they will refund the money.

Not only this they will also give you compensation for your unsold inventory. This is a great promise which eliminates all sorts of risks and doubts. Just make sure you follow all ASM’s guidelines while launching your product to avail of this amazing offer.

Is the Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

Undoubtedly it’s not a scam. I had a great experience with ASM. It helped take my business to a whole new level. Not only me but many other people are quite happy with their progress at Amazon.

There are numerous positive reviews on Facebook and ASM’s community on the website. Some of them are :

  • $10000 revenue in 6 months: This person claimed to have earned revenue of about $ 10000 that too in only 6 months. He further praises the ASM community for being supportive and inspirational.

  • $100,000 in 9 months: Another person shared his experience of earning $ 100,000 and fulfilling his dream. He accomplished his goal in a short period of 9 months. He stressed over the fact that it was not possible without ASM and ASM’s community.

  • Revenue of $ 216000: This ASM user earned revenue of up to $ 216000 which is mind-blowing. He wrote that a lot of hard work and dedication are required but ASM has been very helpful throughout his journey.


These reviews are very inspirational. Now what’s more amazing is that many popular public figures have stepped ahead and associated them with ASM. Sir Richard Branson Founder of the virgin group has worked with ASM.

ASM was also a part of Forbes and Business Insider. This is something big and cannot be neglected. By looking at all the facts and figures we can say that this is not a scam.

ASM gets all the hate because of the following reasons

  • People couldn’t get successful on Amazon with their brands.
  • People find it expensive
  • Hate from successful entrepreneurs on Amazon who don’t want fresh talent and more competition coming in.

I have heard a lot of people saying that it’s a complete scam. They claim that all the information can be gathered from Google. They further say it is useless to pay a huge amount for ASM.

Let me tell you one thing, not all the information is readily available on the internet. Also, you will miss important calls from coaches and you can not join the ASM community. This is the major drawback of not buying ASM.

It is also a great hassle to find your answers and trying to solve your queries from Google. At the time you get lost in unnecessary information and there is a high probability of getting misleading answers.

It is highly advisable to invest in ASM it will make your life easier and your earnings better. Trust me it is all worth the price and investment.

Closing Thoughts

ASM is no doubt the best Amazon FBA business training course. There are many other courses available too but since I have used this one I can safely say that it works.

Just like another purchase it also involves some pros and cons. I have gathered all the advantages and disadvantages of ASM below

  1. Actionable tips you can implement instantly

All the things that are being taught in the course are extremely practical which you can test on your own. They do not overload you with a bunch of unnecessary information but instead provide you with on-point actionable tips.

Whenever you ask for something they instantly give you possible suggestions. If you follow the suggestions of experts there is no way you can go wrong with your FBA business.

  1. The Community

The private community is the most fun and helpful feature of the package at the same time. You can get help from people in your field. You can learn from their mistakes and get inspired by their achievements.

In addition to this, you may take part in interesting competitions. These competitions boost your morale and also help you become successful in the FBA market.

  1. Unparalleled Access to Experts

ASM makes the reach to experts and FBA business giants extremely easy and highly accessible. This plays a great role in your success because all the suggestions they give are already tried and tested into the practical market.

Moreover, you will get personal calls from experts and coaches too. They will help you in solving all your problems. These coaches will work as a bridge between you and the actual business market. They will also protect you from scams and ill practices in the virtual market.

  1. It’s the Best

As I have said before this is the best course which is currently being offered. Thousands of people had a great experience using this. It has more than enough material to learn from.

This course will not bore you with typical work theories but will make sure you have the access to practical world practices. All the videos are very helpful and will keep you engage and interested throughout the learning process. It is surely worth every single penny.


  1. Price

The initial cost of this training course is quite high which makes it expensive. However, if we see it from a different perspective we are gradually saving a lot of money. We get amazing features for free with this course which does pay back after some time.

The money-back-guarantee also makes the investment safe. So you have to pile up an amount and dedicate it to ASM at first but you will get the return after a certain period.

  1. They aren’t open year-round

Since this course is taught with full dedication and commitment they do not welcome students all around the year. The course opens up when the dates are announced and only then new students are taken on board. So if you want to be a part of ASM keep a track of their enrollment dates.


Final Verdict

This course is expensive but it will be your best purchase ever. If you are a dedicated and motivated individual all you need is this course to flourish your business.

This is best for beginners but if you are already into Amazon and facing hurdles in growing your business you might want to try this. ASM proved to be the greatest decision I have ever taken. It played a vital role in securing a position for me in the FBA business.

Again if you are not ready to invest money and time in learning this course is not for you. This is not a shortcut it does require a lot of patience and hard work.

Secondly, it worked for many people but at the same time proved to be not as good for others. It worked for me and that is why I would suggest you try it out once. If you decide not to continue they are even willing to pay back your money.


Alternatives to the Amazing Selling Machine

There are other courses across the web that are considered to be an alternate for The ASM course some of them are:

  1. Market Place Superheroes

This course consists of 12 modules in total. It is way cheaper than ASM. This will guide you about the Amazon market and will give some tips and tricks to excel too.

It is quite obvious that in a cheaper version you will not get all the knowledge you get from ASM. Nor will you get any calls from coaches or the ASM community. Moreover, you won’t be having access to the vault or other resources if you choose to purchase this course.

This can be your choice if you are not willing to spend more money on the training course. I still believe ASM is worth the price so if you are interested in serious learning then spend a few more bucks and buy ASM.

  1. Proven Amazon Course

If you are on a budget it is advisable to buy this course. It is extremely affordable and provides good knowledge of Amazon. The internet is filled with positive reviews of this course.

Unlike ASM it does not give you access to the coaches or ASM community. However, it is a good option if you are not even paying half the amount of ASM.

Amazing Selling Machine FAQs

Q: What is the ASM course?

The ASM is a whole package that includes an eight-week course, access to coaches, exciting features for Amazon, the ASM community, and much more. This is a training course for businesses on Amazon.

Q: What is the best FBA course?

I have personally tried ASM and the results were amazing. I can safely say that this is the best course available for FBA training. There are more courses available too but I like this one the best.

Q: Are there Amazing selling machine events?

Yes, there are many ASM’s events. The most popular one is the Amazing selling machine’s seller conference. This gives you great exposure and a fun learning experience.

Q: Is the Amazing Selling Machine free?

No, this course is not free. In fact, you have to pay a generous amount of money to buy this. It is more towards the expensive side but the value they provide you in return is incredible.

Q: Is the Amazing selling machine available in India?

The best thing about ASM is that it is available worldwide. You can buy it irrespective of where you are. It is a training course for Amazon and the coaches can adjust time according to your preference. You don’t have to worry about the time zone since they have sorted out this issue for you.